Recurring events

The recurring events feature allows for the repetition of events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

For daily events, you can specify the number of days between each recurring event. For example, the event can occur daily, every 2days, 4 days, 5days, and so on. 

Weekly events provide the option to set the number of weeks between repetitions and allow you to select specific days of the week for the recurring event to be displayed.

Monthly events offer flexibility in choosing the number of months between repetitions. You can also specify the day of the month or the weekday on which the events should occur in the sequence. For Example, you can choose a weekly event that repeats every Thursday for three weeks, or the last Wednesday of the month, or a specific day (say the 7th) of the month. These choices are based on the date set for the first event.

Each recurring event sequence can be customized to repeat on specific days, weeks, or months. Additionally, an end date can be established for each sequence.

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