Can I sync with external calendars?

Yes, automatic sync with Google, Outlook and Eventbrite calendars is supported with our premium version.

Recurring Events

You can add recurring events to your calendar by connecting a Google calendar. Click here to see how.

We now offer a beta feature to add recurring events directly from the calendar app. If you would like access to this feature, please contact our support. Please note: The free version of the calendar is still limited to 5 events and each instance of a recurring sequence is counted as one event.

Can I add links to my Event Calendar?

Yes, Links are easily added to the calendar. See Here how to add links.

How many view options does the calendar offer?

There are 3 view options. Monthly, weekly and Agenda (list view).

Can my users add events to their calendars?

Yes, users have the option to add events to their Google calendar, Yahoo calendar, and iCalendar. You can enable this option by turning on the "«Add to calendar» button" in the View Settings tab of the settings panel.

Can I customize the design of my calendar?

Yes, you can easily customize fonts, colors, and sizes of calendar elements. You will find these options in the "Design" tab.

Can I cancel my premium subscription anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription anytime and won't be charged after the current billing period.

Why can't I see calendar text on my live site?

Usually, this relates to the color palette you have chosen. You may be using the same background and text color which makes the text invisible. Choose one of our color presets to resolve this. See more...

Can I add images to my events?

Yes, images are compatible with events on all calendar views. To add an image to your event go to the "Events" tab and click "Add Event". Now click "Choose Image" in the Image block.

Can I add documents to my Events?

Yes, documents are easily added to your events. See Here how to add documents.

How do I select a time for my event?

The event is set to "All Day" by default, so you need to remove the check from this option to open the time selector. Please make sure to only use the preset date and time formats, and to use the time selector instead of free text. See More...

Where can I find my past events?

Past events can be found in the "Events Tab" of the Calendar settings panel.

Can I export my events?

Yes, your events can be exported to a .csv file format by clicking the "Export events to CSV" link on top of the "Events" tab in your calendar settings panel.

Can I choose to hide weekends?

Yes, you can use the "Show weekends" setting, found in the "View Settings" tab, to hide or display weekends on your calendar. Note: this only applies to the Month and the Week views.

Does the calendar offer different time formats?

Yes, you can choose between the 24 Hour (13:00), and 12 Hour am/pm (1:00pm) formats. You can find this option in the "View settings" tab of the settings panel.

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