Does the calendar offer different time formats?

Yes, you can choose between 12-hour (standard) and 24-hour (military) formats.

Can I choose to hide weekends?

Yes, you can choose if you wish to show only weekdays or weekends too.

Can I export my events?

Yes, we provide a link to export your events to a .csv file.

Where can I find my past events?

Your past events can be found in the "My Events" tab under the "Past" list.

How do I select a time for my event?

When you add or edit events, you can choose a time for your event or set it to an all-day event in the "Date and Time" field.

Can I add documents to my Events?

You can't attach documents directly to your event, but you can add links to your event to display your documents.

Can I add images to my events?

Yes, images can be added when you create or edit your events.

Why can't I see calendar text on my live site?

Usually, this is related to the color palette you choose, which may hide your text. You can try changing your color settings or using one of our color presets.

Can I cancel my premium subscription anytime?

Yes, You can cancel your premium subscription anytime.

Can I customize the design of my calendar?

Yes, the calendar's color and typography are fully customizable.

Can my users add events to their calendars?

Yes, you can activate an "Add to calendar" button, which allows users to add the event to their Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or iCalendar.

How many view options does the calendar offer?

The calendar offers four view options - Monthly, Weekly, Agenda, and Cards.

Can I add links to my Event Calendar?

Yes, the event editor has a dedicated links field where you can add links to your events.

Can I sync with external calendars?

Yes, you can currently sync with Google, Outlook, Eventbrite, and Zoom.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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