Advanced settings

Following is description of advanced calendar settings.

  • Language sets the language of your calendar’s informative data, such as day names and month names, but doesn’t include event details and descriptions. 
  • Time Format allows you to choose between 12-hour (regular time) or 24-hour (military) formats.
  • Week Start allows you to display the start of the week of your “Month View” or “Week View” calendar on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday
  • Show Header toggle removes the header from your calendar. Disabling the calendar's header will result in the unavailability of certain features, including the dropdown view selector, time zone selector, back and forward navigation arrows, and the Today button.
  • Enable the “Add To Calendar” button toggle to include a button at the bottom of each of your event's description area, allowing your calendar users to add the event to their Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or iCalendar.
  • Set Custom Start Date allows you to choose the default start date of your calendar. Please note that this feature is only available on paid plans.
  • Hide Branding removes the branding message from the bottom of the calendar. Please note that this feature is only available on paid plans.

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