Adding Events Calendar to

GoDaddy Website Builder

Easily integrate Events Calendar into your GoDaddy Website Builder by following these detailed steps:

  1. Sign Up: Begin by registering for a free account with our Events Calendar service. This is separate from your GoDaddy Website Builder account and will allow you to manage your calendar events.
  2. Customize Your Calendar: Utilize our user-friendly web dashboard to tailor your calendar's appearance and functionality to suit your website's design. You'll find a variety of customization options to ensure your calendar not only meets your needs but also looks great on your site.
  3. Copy Installation Code: From the web dashboard, locate the unique installation code for your customized calendar. This code is what links your Events Calendar to your GoDaddy website.
  4. Embed the Calendar:
    • Access your GoDaddy Website Builder by signing into your GoDaddy account. Navigate to the editor for the page where you'd like the calendar to appear.
    • Switch to the section where you want to add the calendar, and click on the “Add” button or the “+” icon to insert a new section.
    • Select “HTML” or “Embed Code” from the available elements. Paste the copied installation code into this element.
    • Apply and save your changes to integrate the calendar into your page.
  5. Preview Your Calendar: You can view how your calendar looks directly on your website or through the preview pane in our web dashboard. This allows you to make real-time adjustments as needed.

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