When you link your external calendar to the Events Calendar, synchronization of events occurs in two ways: automatically and/or manually through the Sync Now button. The data flow is unidirectional, moving from your external calendar to the Events Calendar.

For free plans, only manual synchronization is supported via the Sync Now button, with limited events retrieved from external calendars each time the button is clicked. This action fetches a new updated batch. The events limit applies to synchronized and manual events and refer to events displayed on your calendar at any time. If you delete past events you will be able to add new events in their place so long as you do not exceed the limit.

Paid plans include automatic synchronization, ensuring the live calendar reflects any changes to your external calendar within 10 minutes by default. Clicking the Sync Now button updates your calendar immediately.

To start, click the Connect button for the desired external calendar and follow the provided connection instructions. For syncing from multiple sources, use the Add Account button in the top-right corner of the external calendar's settings panel.

Settings for connected external calendars include displaying the event date only (via toggle setting) and customizing colors instead of importing them from the external calendar (via toggle setting and color picker). Access these settings by clicking the calendar's name or the settings icon adjacent to it.

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